Grade 1 to Grade 12

We offer tutoring for English lessons from the grade school level all the way up to grade 12 English and provincial exam preparations. We focus on developing reading and comprehension abilities dynamically where students can begin relating to deeper levels of literature sooner, and we cover in depth essay writing to help in obtaining higher grades. We assess the strengths and weakness and also the interests of every student to help them focus on their abilities in acquiring the maximum academic success with the least path of resistance, and we work to nurture a healthy academic mind in our pupils with each lesson we deliver. We put into consideration that every learner has a unique vantage point from which they absorb the academic material most clearly, and we aim to tailor deliver our lessons so that every student enjoys being taught, and seeks to grow academically with their own personal interest.


In helping students whose English is their second language, we offer one on one tutoring to help spring forward their abilities in reading, writing, and conversational skills. It may often be a difficult task in catching up with language skills when you are already behind, but by focusing on helping students attain the foundational elements of a foreign language first, we can speed up the learning stages and minimize the learning curve in achieving complete fluency. We help students of all ages with leveling up their English abilities, so please let us know which areas in English you need specialized tutoring services in and we will be glad to assign one of our tutors to help you.


Servicing Location

We currently provide in home tutoring services for pupils located in Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond. Please call 604-562-4784 to speak with us and to see how we could help your child grow thru our educational services.