Hey, my name is Simon. I live in a fair weathered region called Vancouver. We have people all over the world jealous of our light breeze and cool summers. Until snow comes that is. Then things get soggy and yucky.

On the bright side, I’ve worked as a web developer in the past. And as proof, I have a YouTube channel full of programming tutorials from my past ventures. Quite a few of the videos have over a thousand views. Nothing crazy like other popular YouTubers, but hey, I’m trying! I do love sharing knowledge, and I’m hoping that this will help catapult myself into the copywriting and article writing industry. It’s all about the details in my clients’ brands and I pride myself in being able to put together a clients’ story with precision. Just like my approach to programming, I can analyze the advantages of a brand, product or service, and display it in the brightest lights using words.

When you think of large manufacturing plants. Ones that assemble electronic devices for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. There must be a procedure that must be followed to achieve maximum speed and efficiency. Just like a piece of software that has thousands of lines of code that must work in tandem. Writing is no different. Writing muscles must combine with intricate emotions to produce emotionally captivating content all day and all night. A professional Waltz dancer must float like a butterfly using intricate muscle connections. A professional writer must flow with emotions and words with the elegance of a flower petal dancing in the wind. And so does copy. It’s time for you to choose who your writer will be. And I’m trying my best to woo you with my seductive words. Is it working? No?

Okay, let’s get straight to the point. I can write humorous, in depth, mesmerizingly, intricately, speculatively, you name it. I’m a bona fide amateur in writing. My niche specialization hasn’t run deep yet, other than having a vague want to write for the technology sector. Anything to do with software and e-commerce. So, you can dictate to me how you would like me to develop as a writer. And plus, I’m very cost efficient for now. For now… Well, at least up until I can develop a strong enough skill set that will be desirable.

I’m here to listen to you, help your business, and product content that both you and your customer base would love to indulge in. It’s a tricky business, I’m attempting to please multiple demographics simultaneously. But I’m up for the task. Contact me here, and let’s discuss what requirements you have for your project. You can be wonderfully descriptive. Test me to see if I can absorb your knowledge. And if I fail, well, it means I need more practice! Let’s not waste time. Let’s write at the speed of light. I’m ready to be your assistant content marketer. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Your’s Truly,

Simon Suh

Simon Suh