The first job I completed on upwork received a five-star rating. I’m glad I could have helped my client out. Successful writing will always be at the core of my service. And writing to my clients’ satisfaction will be at the core of my business model. The scope of this particular project was small. It was targeted towards English as a Second Language learners and the booklet was presented in a conversational tone. There were mini exercises included as well to cement foundational language rules for punctuation and vocabulary. I took on the role of a friendly teacher who was seeding in enthusiasm for the English language. Students are easily bored and engaging their minds despite their weak grasp of the language is paramount. Writing in a fun and captivating tone of voice goes beyond the use of complex vocabulary and intricate usage of phrasal gymnastics. It really comes from the heart, and students who were reading this booklet must have been able to feel it. It’s my carefully guarded secret in being a great writer after all!

On a serious note, I am definitely working towards trying my hand at a few different categories of writing. I will be honest and mention that I have yet amassed the experience necessary to know what area I will be specializing in. Specializing in a niche is paramount to business success, and I am proud to say I am on the journey towards this goal. However, until I reach that point, I will remain humble and always be learning.