If you are an ESL student or a high school student who is having trouble with language arts, it may not be your fault. In fact, learning a new language should be taken up as a positive mental exercise that brings you enjoyment. Any other method that makes you feel stressed in learning a new language should be stopped immediately. One way that makes learning English fun, is creating a successful environment for you to test your abilities without having to worry about making mistakes. Any tutor or teacher that is quick to point out your mistakes in English is a bad tutor, and you must find ways to explore a new language while feeling safe and having fun. Of course, to clarify, when I refer to the word ‘safe’ here, it means being able to feel ‘carefree’ while learning a new language and not having to worry about making errors.

Thomas Edison Vancouver Richmond Burnaby British Columbia

Thomas Edison had a loving mother who allowed him to be homeschooled and learn in an imaginative way without having to worry about being criticized by public school educators. He is the inventor of the lightbulb.

Certain qualities are paramount when looking for a tutor in English. They must make you feel accomplished when you are expressing yourself in English either in written or conversational form. If your tutor talks over you, or is always correcting every single little mistake you make, then it may be time to give your tutor a critique in return and ask for a more professional quality of assistance. Your tutor is not there to show how great he or she is in English, but to help you feel accomplished in a new language while simultaneously assisting you in improving your grammar, vocabulary, and understanding of the context in a new language. There are many nice tutors in Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby, and I am certain you will find one who has the right personality fit in helping you improve your grades or your general language abilities.

Remember to ask what skills specifically your tutor can help you in before hiring them. Learning a new language is a large topic and there are many areas that can be focused on in helping you grow. Whether your English tutor is focusing on helping you write university application essays, passing grade 12 English in British Columbia, or helping you learn everyday conversational English, make sure there are clear goals and learning objectives. You are the student, and the student is more important than the teacher. Outline the milestones you would like to accomplish in learning English and find the English teacher that is right for you.