We are delighted to announce that we are opening our tutoring services to parents and children who are located in the Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond areas. We are beginning with students directing their energy towards improving their reading, writing, and comprehension skills, and also for those interested in improving their language abilities in the ESL category. We try our best to accommodate everyone, and we work towards building healthy learning habits with each and every student we hope to inspire. Learning is a fun activity when taught in a carefully planned sequence, and we promise to serve our community of young students and minds to help boost their rewarding experience in their present and future academic career. Every learner is talented in their own unique way and we strive to help them find their passion in high academic success.

It is definitely a challenge to be new in this servicing environment when there are so many other wonderful businesses in Vancouver that offer high-quality tutoring services. Understanding our learners’ minds is key in our confidence for joining this community as leaders in education, and we would love to hear from you on how you would like to tailor our lesson plan to help your child or you improve your abilities as an English learner. Please contact us either via Facebook, our contact page or by calling us at 604-562-4784. We will consult you over the phone to determine your unique needs, and present you with a solution we can follow through on to help make the academic experience wonderful. Thank you for supporting us!